A different approach to commercial and construction financing

Working with Cobra Mortgage Services means working with an experienced Western Canadian commercial and construction mortgage lender who understands how to provide innovative, customized and flexible financing options for commercial developments. And because we’re developers too, our process is designed to help get a project completed where other mortgage providers can’t or won’t.

Loans we offer

We specialize in mortgages from $1 million to $12 million, for real estate construction and development in the key areas we know best. That way, our customers get the financing and advice they need to successfully complete their projects.

  • Hotel and motel construction
  • Land development
  • Commercial construction
  • Residential and multi-residential developments
  • Industrial developments
  • Condominium inventory loans

Our approvals process

Cobra Mortgage has a simple but complete approvals process that includes initial information gathering, a site visit, and an evaluation of the borrower and the project. Many mortgage providers claim to offer personalized service, but we feel the best way to ensure success is to form lasting relationships with our customers – we not only provide financing solutions specific to each customer’s needs, but help identify and take advantage of future opportunities too.

Our terms

Cobra Mortgage is a construction and development lender, so our mortgage loans are typically for a term of 12 -24 months. We work with our clients through their project’s selling process, or to secure a long- term commercial mortgage upon completion. We also offer interest reserve funds on appropriate projects, and strive to be innovative on repayment terms, offering our clients maximum flexibility.