Recent construction and commercial loans

Decades of commercial and construction lending experience

With more than 45 years of combined experience in commercial construction and development, Cobra Mortgage Services has financed dozens of projects in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. And with our hands-on expertise in land development, hotel/motel construction, commercial construction, and residential home development, we know exactly what it takes to get a deal done quickly, with the fewest hurdles to clear. That insight is how we’ve been able to help guide and advise our customers to successful completion of their projects.

Recent commercial and construction loans

  • Land Acquisition, Saskatchewan
  • Hotel Construction, Saskatchewan
  • Construction, Saskatchewan
  • Land Development, Saskatchewan
  • Duplex Construction, Alberta
  • 4 Plex Construction, Alberta
  • Condominium Inventory, Alberta
  • Land Development, Alberta
  • Commercial Land Development, Alberta
  • Residential Home Building, Alberta
  • Commercial Building Financing, Alberta